Captain’s Log No 02 : September 2012

I have been told by some that these logs are too long! Sorry about that; I’ll see what I can do…..

Club Dinner

You will have seen Keith’s earlier email telling you of the date – FRIDAY 16th NOVEMBER, 2012. We are at The Wharf again up near Teddington Lock and the planning is underway – Kay Insley has volunteered to head this up and after our meeting last night I can confirm this is in good hands. Prices will be around the £45-48 mark as last year – booze extra.

Last year was over-subscribed so you need to confirm your bookings as soon as you can. Kay will send out details on how to do that shortly.

More Tweaks To The Coaching Line-up

Just when you think you have all the little ducks in a nice row!

Since last time Duncan – who had taken over the Women’s Squad - has answered the call of Quintin to return there and head up their coaching team. A great opportunity for Duncan and I will miss him as he is a) a great bloke and b) moved the men up a notch last year which is something I thought would be difficult given the late start. Good luck at Quintin, Duncan – see you in the beer tents!

Evidence of a) above is that Duncan arranged for Mervyn Lee to step into his shoes temporarily while I trawl around for a permanent replacement (which may even be Merv). Some of you will recall Merv coached at Twix before – with a Women’s Eights Head novice pennant win and then a silver at the Nat Champs to his credit. Welcome back !

Other changes see Tony “Arctic” McRae joining with Olly to look after the Novice Men with Godfrey stepping down to help out where he can. Our Novice squads will be forming officially this weekend, taking all the 2012 L2R graduates (who have been improving technique in development squads).

Corin Margetson and Kelly Adams will be looking after the Women’s Novice Squad.

In fact we have some squads with very large numbers and having several coaches available to help out when they can is going to be really helpful this season. You haven’t seen the last of Godfrey !


Two rounds completed already. 25 boats racing on Sunday (Round 2) – 34 rowers in total. An impressive turn out with members of both men’s and women’s squads also taking part. Early results show Jordan Sirmon as the quickest man; Rachel Woolf the quickest woman and James Traynor fastest newbie. I’m sure things will change as scullers find their best lines and turning techniques. Results will be posted up in the club and hopefully on the website.

Club Website

This is ready to re-launch – we just need to sort out some URL issues and then it will be up. No fanfare, just one day it will be the old one and the next day the new one.

Water Safety Section

Kerstin has been busy already with a notice about night rowing; a couple of collisions to deal with and advice also about night rowing following an injury and boat damage up at Molesey.

With all this rain expect the possibility of yellow flags and ALWAYS assess the conditions at the time of your outing in relation to the abilities and boat class you plan to use.

Captain’s Rant

I thought I would end my logs with a little rant. Stuff that I bang on about and every reasonable member sees as good and useful advice . . . . and then nothing changes!

This month – boat house security. Every doorway has a door in it for a reason. We now have a very lovely main door which everyone should use to enter and exit the clubhouse. BUT, we also have bay doors that get left open, the Tank Room door is rarely checked; and the front gate spends most of its time latched open.

Could everyone PLEASE do a quick check of these doors before heading off home - especially if you are probably the last one leaving. If a boat is out it will be (should be) written up on the White Board. (That’s another rant by the way – use the thing please, it’s not there for decoration). If you think a boat is probably back but hasn’t been wiped off – check the racks. If you think it should be back and isn’t – perhaps drop me a line!

If you see slings or blades left out please put them away (and feel free to let me know if you think you have done something for some lazy bugger who forgot or didn’t care to do it themselves).

And lights!! These need to be switched off. Now I appreciate some are on timers and some are not – it can be a bit confusing but surely not beyond the wit of a Twickenham member to try a few switches and see what happens.

Please pay attention to these things. Otherwise, someone ends up doing it who had nothing to do with the fact the doors had to be opened or lights switched on. Hardly fair.

CLUB (noun): An organisation composed of people who voluntarily meet on a regular basis for a mutual purpose other than educational, religious, charitable, or financial pursuits.

To use a popular government mantra - “we are all in this together”. So let’s look after our club for ourselves.

Well, that was much shorter than last month. . . . .