Junior Learn-to-Row Course

We are pleased to announce the dates of our Junior Learn-to-Row Course

1st – 6th April
8.00 – 12.00 Noon

With a safety talk

& Capsize Drill 

Course fee: £100


Course information:

  • March 15th (Evening): Safety and Capsize Talk 

This will be a short meeting to inform parents and children what will happen at the capsize drill. This is very important to attend as we will be discussing the impact of cold weather and Weils disease.


  • March 16th (Afternoon): Hampton Open Air Pool: Capsize Drill & Swimming Test

At the pool we will:
Learn how to get in and out of a boat
Gain confidence sitting in and balancing a boat

Capsize the boat and learn how to use an upturned boat as a raft to get out of the water
Complete a 200m swimming test in light clothes
The swimming test will be:
Treading water for 1 minute
Swimming under water for 2m
Swimming 100m either breast stroke and or front crawl
The swimming test is all about showing confidence and basic swimming ability not about completing the distance in a given time. It’s certainly not a race.
 - Rowing! -

  • 1st April: TwRC Clubhouse: Introduction to Rowing & Safety Briefing
The first session at the club we will:
Introduce the club’s facilities and safety rules.
Look at the different types of boats used in rowing, how they work and how they differ.
For those who haven’t had a go on a rowing machine, you’ll have your first rowing lesson on a rowing machine where you’ll learn the basics of the rowing stroke and how to set up the monitor.
Learn about crew rowing and the commands the cox gives to control the boat.
Discuss how to row safely
Get familiar with the capsize drill and the activities for the rest of the course.
This session will not involve any rowing on the water, just rowing on machines so please come prepared for light exercise!

  • 2nd -6th April: Twickenham Rowing Club: 8.00am–12.00 noon
Learning to Row on the Water!
On Friday 6 April there will be races followed by a prize giving at the club from 1.00pm.  where everyone who attends the course will be presented with a certificate and race winners with prizes! The bar will be open and family and friends are very welcome to come along and watch the racing and prize giving and then enjoy the best view in Twickenham - from the balcony of the clubhouse!

Please remember that everyone must attend the safety briefing, swimming test and capsize course before going out in a boat. No exceptions.

To book your child on the course please send your name and your child's DOB – all children must be over 11 years old. If there is space on the course we will then send you a form to fill in and information about making payment.

There are limited spaces and once spaces are filled a waiting list will take effect on a first come first serve basis.

Email: manager@twickenhamrc.co.uk