Junior Sculling Camp!

Twickenham Rowing Club is pleased to announce its Junior Sculling Camp open to all Juniors and School rowers from other Clubs.

The Two Camps will run side by side with J11 - 13's training half a day daily, and the J14 -18 experiencing the full camp experience with whole day training Monday - Friday.

There are two one-week camps for each age group, Juniors can opt to do one week or both weeks for further improvements and benefits. The cost advertised is per week.

This course is not for absolute beginners but for Juniors who have already had at least one terms worth of experience rowing, the purpose of this camp is to develop the skills Juniors already have in preparation for the Autumn Season.

All Juniors will be assessed on their abilities on the first day and divided into groups accordingly. Excellence in rowing is encouraged as well as enjoyment as all Juniors will be challenged throughout the week.
The aim for the J14 -18 Camp is to improve their abilities in small sculling boats, whereas the J11 - 13 will focus on the quads and octoples with doubles and singles for those who demonstrate excellent capabilities.

All Juniors need to have completed a capsize drill prior to the course, anyone who is not from TwRC will need to provide a letter from their coach stating that they have attended a capsize drill, if this is not possible then we will request that the Junior wears a life-jacket for the duration of the course. Junior Safety is our first priority.

Indoor and Outdoor Races will take place at the end of the week with prizes and certificates of completion!

In order to sign up, please contact Jacqui Johnston: manager@twickenhamrc.co.uk who will send you a form to complete along with how to make payment.