September the 15th sees the return of our popular winter time trail. The 'Knapps is a brilliant measure for winter training and anyone at TwRC is welcome to take part. 

The dates:

Safety Briefing in Bar at 08:00 - brackets denote priority boat allocations
First boats away at 08:30 for day 1 (Division times then to be advised)

  • 15th September (Short Course)  
  • 29th September (Comp Squads)               
  • 6th   October    
  • 27th October (Comp Squads)
  • 17th November (Subject to suitable tide during Draw Off)
  • 8th   December
  • 15th December (Comp Squads)

The courses:

The Classic
Approximately 9km from the top end of Eel Pie Island to Teddington Lock, turn at the white post and down to Richmond Lock, turn at the steps above the lock and back up to the finish at the water gallery above Hammertons Ferry.  Crews will use the main navigation channel only and comply with all navigation rules.

The “Short” Course
Approximately 7km. Like the Classic but turning below the moored boats past Glovers, avoiding the Canoe club and bridges and coming up inside Glovers (Middx station)

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