Captains Log No. 4 - November 2013

Squad News
The Richmond Weir draw off finishes on Sunday 24th November at 20:37, then we will have our water back and normal squad training times can be
The Senior squad are going to boat from Quintin until the 4’s HORR on 30th November. The start athletes are in the TwRC 4’s head crews. The club has purchased ergo sliders which simulate rowing on water, there has been very good feedback from all who use them. We have also purchased 10 pairs of S6 adjustable Croker sculling blades. These are for Senior squad, Racing Masters and Start athletes only. If you find yourself holding a brand new shiny set of sculling blades and you are not in the above squads, I suggest you put them back on the rack.

This has been a very busy month for racing crews with some excellent results.

Pairs Head 12th October
Senior Squad
  • IM1 2- Andrew Watson & Joseph Lines - 6th of 8
  • IM2 2- Rory Bryant & Tim Moonen - 6th of 17
  • WIM3 2x - Laura Nicholls & Jess Hill - 5th of 20
  • WIM3 2x - Liz Bushby & Jane Batchelor - 6th of 20

Masters Squad
  • MasC 2x Berend van Wachem & Franke Rasche (AKRC) won their category
  • MxdMasE Dorling & Davidson 5th out of 8

Weybridge Silver Sculls October 19th

All Wins for the following crews, which is fantastic:
Senior Squad
  • Nov 2x - Rory Bryant & Mike Dowell
  • WIM3 2x - Laura Nicholls & Jess Hill
  • WIM2 1x - Laura Nicholls

Masters Squad
  • WMas.A Novice 2x (Bow Sarah Field, Stroke Jacqueline Rudenko)
  • Mas.G/H 1x Robert Bailey
  • Mas.D 1x Simon Pullen
  • Mas.A/B 1x Berend Van Wachem

Teddington Small Boats Head 3rd November
  • The Novice Women entered two crews in coxed fours, one crew came 2nd at 21.51.4 (coxed by Kelly) and other came 3rd at 22.09.0 (coxed by Nick). Winning time was by Broxbourne RC at 19.35.2.

Congratulations to our Masters for winning four pots at Teddington Head.
  • WMas.Novice 4x+ (Bow Anne, 2 Janette, 3 Cathy, Stroke Emma, Cox Dominique)
  • Mas.D 1x Simon Pullen
  • Mas.A/B 1x Berend Van Wachem
  • Mas.B/C/D 2x Berend Van Wachem & Frank Raschke (AKRC)

Kingston Head
  • WMas.Nov. 2x Sarah & Jacqueline
  • Mas.C 2x Berend Van Wachem & Frank Raschke (TwRC/AKRC) - fastest 2x!

Scullers Head
  • MasB: Berend van Wachem, finished 36th overall, 3rd in category in a time of 22:11:34.
  • Mas A; Kosta Kolimechkov finishes 59th overall, 3rd in category in a time of 22:27:38
  • MasA; James Traynor, finishsed 158th overall, 5th in category in a time of 23:26:33
  • MasC, Doug Knox, finished 188th overall category position 16 in a time of 23:41:16
  • MasH. Robert Bailey, finished 303rd overall, category Winner in a time of 25:10:05
  • WMasANov Sarah Field, finished 309th overall, 3rd in category in a time of 25:15:08

This squad meets as regularly as possible, with some members now rowing with the recreational squad.

Coaches Meeting
The coaching team will meet on Tuesday 26th November, 9pm Clubroom.

Remenham Challenge
This year TwRC is to enter 7 eights from across all squads. This event is open to all Remenham Clubs and is to be held on 14th December. There is anappeal for volunteers so if you are not racing and can manage to give up some time please contact me. Volunteers are needed as timers, marshals,
launch drivers and much more. Prize giving is at 4pm in Vesta RC, after which Vesta is to host the Remenham Christmas party to which all are invited.

Next race is on 1st December, the leaderboard is on the TwRC website. I’d like to see as many participants as possible. This is a very good forum when
deciding equipment allocation to squads.There is a boat booking link on the website for this event.

Committee News
A committee meeting was held on Monday 18th November. We have decided to sell the surf- boat and have a buyer, so the boat should be gone by the end of the year. Bob Scott has been promoted in the world of Remenham and the committee voted that Mark Ormiston should replace Bob as the TwRC representative. Congratulations to Mark and congratulations to Bob on his promotion.

To all of the proud owners of new moustaches, the follicular growth on your top lip is to be judged on November 30th in the clubroom after the morning
training session by no other than the master moustache wearer (if you wear a moustache?) Mark Ormiston. A Bottle of Champagne will be presented to the winner. Not sure if its based on volume or style or both, I’d rather like to see some splendid waxed specimens.

Rowing Manager
Many thanks to Jacqui Johnston for all her hard work over the last couple of years. Jacqui has grown the schools program from virtually no schools to 5 schools and the club is very busy during the week because of this activity. Two of the last initiatives Jacqui was working on were Rowability, applying for a £10k grant to allow us to buy equipment for adaptive rowers and Sportivate which is a grant from Richmond Council to pay for a coach to coach children in ergo technique and introduce them to the sport, both very worthwhile grants. Jacqui has taken a position with British Rowing.

I would like to welcome Alex Walker who has taken over from Jacqui, he has inherited a busy timetable, its good to have him aboard.

Boat and Equipment Maintenance
We have a Boatman his email address is Please e-mail Andy with any broken or damaged equipment issue.
The Boatman is alarmed at the amount of damage being done to the fleet. Boats and equipment must be looked after. So far this year we have spent approx. £15k on refurbishments due to damage, this comes out of the boat fund, so there is less money for new equipment. Below is an appalling example of what happens when boats are not tied to the rack, this is unacceptable.

Club Dinner
To be held this Saturday 23rd November. Volunteers are needed on Saturday morning to move ergos from the erg room to the tank room. For those attending the dinner, remember it is a cash bar only so please bring lots of it. There is also to be a raffle.

The Bar
Donʼt forget Wednesday night is traditionally club night. It was mentioned at the committee meeting that members do not integrate outside of their squads.
Well Wednesday night is the perfect time to come down and meet other squads. The bar is always open on a Wednesday so come down and use it.
Christmas Pudding Eights and Christmas Party 22nd December Come and join the festive fun. Scratch eights racing along the back of Eel Pie Island, the fastest 8+ win Christmas puddings. The Christmas party will follow this event in the same format as years gone by start time midday. Do not turn up empty handed, bring a plate of food please; it can be anything you fancy.

Water Safety
James Skeels and Olly Cobb have completed and passed the RYA launch drivers level 2 certificate.

If you have an incident whilst on or in the water you must report it using the British Rowing Website. The website will direct you to the page to register the details of the incident, a copy of this is then sent to me. There have been a few incidents this month, generally ending up with scullers falling in. 

In this cold weather it is very important if you single scull to undertake your own risk assessment. What are the consequences of you going out in the dark on your own (which I do not recommend)? No matter what the light conditions if the water conditions are fast, think about how the stream is going to knock the bows of the boat, what are the conditions likely to be like under the bridges, if the stream is running out fast then the bridges can be very tricky and unpleasant. If you have any doubts about your ability do not boat, land train. In difficult conditions stay away from moored boats, read the river and the tide. Do not take risks just for an outing.

Club House
Thank you to all who turned up to clean the clubhouse and grounds last Saturday, tremendous progress was made because many hands make light
work. 2 skips were filled, each skip accommodating 1.5 tons and both were full. Thank you to members of the Masters squad who helped the House Steward move the pile of bricks under the stairs on Tuesday night, he smiled!

And Finally:
It looks as though if you want a big hug and a stein of love go to the Thames RC Oktoberfest, not so sure about the Lederhosen! Do you think they would
accept my unique TwRC Capri Onesie?

Debbie Dorling
Captain TwRC

Most Exciting Event
of the Autumn Season has finally arrived,
Dust your lederhosens and your Dirndl Dresses,
Is upon us!!!
30th November
Starts @ 2pm...
...until the beer runs out!

Steins will be sold on the day for £12 (includes stein + 1lt beer) with
special refill prices throughout the night!
Oompah band from 4:30pm
DJ from 8pm
Free entry, £5 after 8pm
Come early!
Loads of Love & Big Hugs
Thames RC
Putney Embankment

SW15 1LB London