START Training Program Seminar

START coach Dan Cooper:

"The START programme has now been operating out of Twickenham RC for a couple of months and recently a number of club members have asked question about the training program that I run.  
I am going to run a seminar on Wednesday the 4th of December in the Club Room at 9pm to discuss training programs using the START one as an example.  This seminar is free and is open to all Twickenham members whether they be coaches or athletes.  I will go through the following things in the evening:
  • Periodization of the Year
  • Long term planning
  • Land Training
  • Tissue Conditioning and metabolic Conditioning and the difference between the two
  • Resistance training and why we do it
  • Cross training AND/OR Ergos
  • Ergo Tests
  • Water Training
  • The time spent between Water technical and Water distance
  • How to get the most out of what you do (my personal annoyances!)

Afterwards there will be time for a Q&A session and some further discussion.  Probably around the bar!"