Remenham Challenge - Results

Our Men's First VIII push off Hammersmith Bridge
TwRC entered seven eights into this year's Remenham Challenge from all areas of the club (photos here). Our men's and women's first eights were made up of athletes from or senior, intermediate, masters and Start squads
  • Men's First VIII - 8th overall in 11:45.27 (4th in intermediate eights)
  • Men's Second VIII - 20th overall in 12:32.63 (10th in intermediate eights)
  • Women's First VIII - 32nd overall in 13:23.71 (2nd in women's intermediate eights)
  • Women's Second VIII - 40th overall in 14:28.50 (6th in women's intermediate eights)
  • Mens's Novice VIII - 28th overall in 12.55.00 30th (3rd in novice eights)
  • Women's Novice VIII - 43rd overall in 15:37.82 (4th in women's novice eights)
  • Masters G VIII - 27th overall (adjusted) in 14:19.37 27th (6th in master's eights)

For full results (including adjusted times), please click on the below image...

The full Remenham 2013 results (snapped by Olly's phone from the results marshall's screen)