Recent Racing: Hammersmith Head, WHORR & Kingston Head

Our Women's First VIII at WHORR
Hammersmith Head - March 9th:
  • Men’s 1st VIII (Sirmon, Meredith, Perry, Sandhu, Parker, Maccabe, Van Wachem, Lines, cox - Burkitt) - 44th overall and 10th in IM2 eights
  • Women’s 1st VIII (Smith, Kruimel, Walters, Hill, Taylor, Nicholls, Batchelor, Grant, cox - Malik, F) - 142nd overall and 6th in women's IM2 eights

The senior squad raced the Hammersmith Head in scratch crews having been off the water since the middle of December due to the very strong streams that we have had. Our men’s and women’s first eights looked understandably rusty but raced creditably and proved that there is real promise there for the coming season.

Women’s Head of the River - March 15th: 
  • Women’s 1st VIII (Smith, Kruimel, Walters, Hill, Taylor, Nicholls, Batchelor, Grant, cox - Malik, F) - 138th overall and 11th in IM3 Club

The following weekend was the Women’s Head of the River where our 1st VIII came a promising 138th overall and, perhaps more importantly, 11th in their category. The crew had just two outings and the Hammersmith Head from which to gel and were missing a couple of athletes through injury. Despite this, they were still just 15 seconds off being up where last year’s crew was, proving that there is much to play for in the summer:

Kingston Head of the River - March 22nd:
  • Men’s First VIII (Dixon, Meredith, Perry, Nelson, Parker, Maccabe, Moonen, Lines, cox - Malik, M) - 8th in Division 2 and 5th in IM2 eights
  • Men’s Novice VIII (Palmer, Beard, Baines, Hunt, Jones, Hannon, Warren, Messa, cox - Claiden) - 35th in Division 2 and 8th in Novice eights
  • Men’s Second VIII (Traynor, Skeels, Delph, Bannister, Guest, Watson, Wood-Robinson, Boston, cox - Llewellyn) - 43rd in Division 2 and 10th in IM2

Our men then headed off to the Kingston Head with the luxury of a little water time under their belts. Problems struck the First VIII though, with two stroke siders having to drop out at the last minute through injury and illness. However, the crew still got a very pleasing result despite rowing a long way below what they have shown in training. The Second VIII, made up of equal numbers of subs and crew members, had a difficult day being held back by a marshall on the way up to the start after the six man’s footplate fell apart and being made to start last before seeing that they had been bested in the final standings by our Novice Men. Olly Cobb’s crew are a huge credit to him and rowed like tigers at Kingston. All eyes will be on them to see if they can beat the Second VIII at the Head of the River this saturday.  

Men’s Head of the River - March 29th:

We have three crews entered into this year’s head…
  • Men’s First VIII (Dixon, Maccabe, Perry, Sandhu, Parker, Banerjee, Moonen, Lines, cox - Burkitt) racing IM2 and starting at 170
  • Men’s Second VIII (Traynor, Skeels, Walesby, Meredith, Guest, Watson, Sirmon, Boston, cox - Llewellyn) racing IM2 and starting 182
  • Men’s Novice VIII (Palmer, Beard, Lester, Hunt, Jones, Hannon, Warren, Messa, cox - Claiden) racing novice and starting 373

Please come down and give the crews a cheer.