“Attention…Go” A Report from Peterborough Regatta

Sunday morning saw sheets of icy rain pound Peterborough with furious abandon. The lake, a froth of waves and spray, saw brave crews battle it out over a 500m course. Two brave men of Twickenham took a stand against the elements and the titanic opposition to brave the novice double event. Their hard won pink racing kit standing out in stark contrast to the grey and turgid waters of the lake. A look of determination and pride was set on their handsome features as they made their way to the stake boats in preparation for the race.

By a quirk of fate they were drawn in lane one, the closest to the bank where reeds bobbed their heads ready to entangle any unwary sculler who happened to come too close. Lane two belonged to Peterborough City , lane 3 Milton Keynes  and on the far side were City of Cambridge, their huge hulking figures clear against the stark horizon. The stage was set. Read More