Live Music from Dean Owens

Dean Owens Unplugged

Did you know: “In the early 1960s, Richmond and Twickenham became the focal point of English R & B and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Two key venues were the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, and the Eel Pie Hotel Club, located on a small island in the River Thames in Twickenham. The club ‘Eelpiland’ was part of a music revolution that was to change popular music for ever and helped to define an entire era of music history. Its legacy continues to be a major influence on today’s UK music scene.” (Source:

Last Friday saw the second of a recent series of live music events at Twickenham Rowing Club headlined by Dean Owens, (apparently) one of Scotland’s most engaging and haunting singer-songwriters. As more of a erg critic than music critic I won’t critically review his set, or that of the warm up act, other than to say the 90 (?) or so people at the club seemed to enjoy it and so did I.

We look forward to the next live music instalment……