Hammersmith Head 2016

After a slightly frustrating few months of red boards and intermittent water time the senior men’s 1st VIII was fired up and ready to go out and improve on the results from Remenham Challenge. Spirits were high, as were a number of peoples temperatures as it turned out half the crew were sick and all hiding it to keep morale high!

Going off 13th we had good stream and a clear run down the course to go out and achieve what we wanted to. We were being chased down by Putney Towns first boat, however unfortunately they lost control and crashed off the start leaving us in a slight void with no other boats near us. Unperturbed the crew set a good rhythm and went down the course tidily, leading many on the banks/in the pub to mistake us for Leander (blood alcohol level tests are still pending). Not used to the tideway conditions we were slightly caught by surprise coming round the corner towards Chiswick Eyot by some rough water, but a quick recovery saw us back on track and going for a sprint finish from the Dove pub to Hammersmith Bridge.

A strong race saw us finishing in the top 10 club boats and 16th overall, the best result for the club for decades. A good result considering the crew had to be re-shuffled at the last minute with Rory moving from 7 to 4 to cover for Pete who had to move to the 6 seat following Ali tearing a kidney (the initial reports this happened while saving an orphan from a bear attack are unverified).