Corporate Row Days


With accreditation from British Rowing as an ‘Explore Rowing Pioneer Club’, Twickenham Rowing Club offers a successful ‘learn to row’ course designed to get people out on the river. This course has been adapted for a one day corporate event that provides experienced coaching staff, training equipment and specialist boats that together encourage an understanding of the challenges and techniques involved in learning to row, as well as first hand experience on the river. All guests at all skill levels will benefit from a unique team-building opportunity as well as a highly memorable fun day away from work.

To reward your guests or colleagues after all their hard work they will be treated to superb cuisine from any of the five menus on offer at the contemporary Wharf restaurant, whether it be a finger buffet or à la carte.

Choose from two rowing experiences for between 12 and 30 people:

  • Half-day: 3-4 hours with buffet. Consisting of introduction to the club and equipment, demonstration of basic rowing technique on our rowing machines (Ergos), followed by a session on our rowing tank to further develop technique, then out onto the water in our ‘explore rowing’ boats. Then it’s time for the rewarding part of the day with either lunch or dinner at The Wharf or provided at the Rowing Club.
  • Full-day: 5-6 hours, buffet & dinner. Consisting of the same process as the above course but introducing a more competitive edge by having team racing on the Ergos and, once everyone has got out on the river and demonstrated their skills, a small regatta is held for the more proficient crews. A buffet lunch is included and dinner follows in the evening at The Wharf or dinner could be provided at the Rowing Club with our new state of the art Kitchen. This course would suit lager groups, up to 30 people.
For more information, prices or a more bespoke events day, please contact our Rowing Manager:

"...thanks so much to you for all the preparation and to the whole team for a great delivery yesterday... blown away by how friendly and enthusiastic everyone at the club is and [the group] loved the atmosphere so much.. It was a great success." RABO Bank

"It was a roaring success. Thanks to your team too. Everyone was raving about how professional they were and what nice people they were." Anon Corporate Client