TwRC kit is provided by Hugga. All lycra kit is made from quoTECH, a superior sports fabric that is feels great against the skin, wicks moisture, dries super quick and wears harder. 

The Hugga Beginners Guide to Buying Rowing Kit
Racing Kit 
So you've just started rowing and you're faced with loads of unnaturally tall people dressed from head to toe in brightly coloured Lycra. Rowing kit is a strange, tribal world that can be confusing at first. So where do you start?
Well, if you want to compete in rowing, all you really need is a onesie. This is essentially a vest and shorts stitched together at the waist, like you see top sprinters wearing in the Olympics. Rowing onesies (sometimes also called ‘all-in-ones’ or ‘rowing suits’) are made of Lycra and are designed to fit close to the skin. This is to stop your kit flapping about when you row as it could get caught in your runners.

For anyone with even the slightest body issue (which would be all of us!) buying your first onesie can be somewhat traumatic. But our advice to any new rowers would be to bite the bullet and buy a onesie, not a t-shirt and shorts, because you'll just end up buying a onesie later on as pretty much all crews race wearing them.

Putting your onesie on for the first time can feel very weird but you'll be amazed at how quickly it feels normal. There are 50,000 rowers in the UK and they all wear onesies… very few of them have model physiques so don't worry about what you look like. At the very least, you’ll blend in!

In cold weather, you’ll need more than just your onesie and this is where our compression range comes in. Like our onesies, our compression wear is made from quoTECH, our sports-specific fabric made with modern fibre technology containing Lycra. quoTECH is made from the same stuff that most sports bras are made from, so it feels great against the skin, wicks sweat, is anti-bacterial and extremely hard wearing. The gain of compression wear is that it keeps your muscles warm helping to reduce muscle strain and fatigue, and various studies show that it may enhance athletic performance.

Our compression tops come in short and long sleeve versions and are specifically designed for rowing. They have an extra long and curved back that is designed to tuck under your bum so that they don’t ride up during a piece. Our compression leggings will keep your legs warm in the boat and won’t get caught in the runners. They are designed to be worn high (like Simon Cowell) so that they do not come down whilst you row.

All our compression wear is excellent value if you compare like-to-like quality with what you’ll find in high street sports shops. One small tip if you want to look like a seasoned rower… always wear your compression tops under your onesie but your leggings over the top of it!

Warm Up Kit
It can take a little while to get warm in cold weather so we provide a full range of warm up kit. The first two items to consider are our splash jackets and gilets.

These are sports-specific outer-layers which will keep you dry and warm in the harshest of conditions but are still breathable and lightweight. The choice between splash and gilet tends to come down to the individual… the splash keeps your arms protected from the elements whereas the gilet allows a freer range of movement. We’re gilet lovers but the choice is yours.

Our splash jackets and gilets are exceptional value for money when compared like-for-like with big brand alternatives from high street outdoor shops.

Out of the boat
If you like to show your colours on the way to the club or races, we’ve got a full range of items that look awesome and are super comfy to wear.

Our sweats are made from high quality 100% Ringspun cotton so they are brilliantly soft and wonderfully warm. We particularly recommend our sweatpants which have a slouchy fit for men and more of a yoga-pant fit for women.

Our polos come in a range of colours and are made with heavyweight cotton so they’ll stay looking smart wash after wash.