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Cleaning Boats &  Equipment


Post outing it is essential that all equipment used is washed down and disinfected before being returned to its correct storage location. This activity has to take place before any debriefings or refreshments so the hard can be cleared for other crews.

Keeping equipment clean is not only courteous to your fellow club members, it looks better, it performs better, and it lasts longer.

How to clean your boat

Once the boat is secure on trestles, fill a bucket with clean water use the sponges provided to make sure you do the following:

Wash the sliders/runners, check that they are free from any grit or dirt

Clean the top of the seat and the wheels underneath

Clean the footwells and shoes

Clean the riggers and swivels

Clean the bow and stern canvas

Using a clean towel dry all the above.

Under the instruction from your cox lift and turn the boat over so that hull is exposed

Wash the entire hull and dry down

If you drop a sponge on the ground DO NOT continue to use it, wash it thoroughly first so that it is free from any grit that can damage the hull.

How to clean blades

Again, using clean water and a sponge:

Clean any mud from both sides of the spoon

Wash the loom

Thoroughly wash handles

Dry down with clean towel

The most common tool in rowing. Every rower should at least have one of these. If you are feeling swish you can invest a bit more in rachet set and be the envy of your squad.



Some rigger bolts require a hex tool to assist with loosening or tightening. 6mm and 8mm are the most common.








Used for strapping together sets of seats and riggers when boats are being transported. Also used for marking the correct backstops position of your seat.


Handy for loosening those stubborn stretcher plate nuts


Pen – ‘Sharpie’

Used to label taped together riggers and seats so they can be identified and reunited with the correct boat

Finger Tape

If you are new to the sport blisters are a fact of life until your hands harden up. Keep some tape nearby

Small Tool Bag

To keep all the above in

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