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The Novice Racing Team

Our novice programme takes graduates from our Learn2Row programme and prepares them for entry into our senior squads over the course of a year. Our novices enjoy excellent facilities at TwRC and first class support from a dedicated and experienced coaching team. We want our novice rowers to fall in love with the sport whilst building basic technique and fitness. 

The training is challenging but not daunting, with the number of sessions per week varying during the year, typically 4 times a week. Practically every session is coached and our novices experience every boat type from singles through to eights. All TwRC novices can expect to compete in winter head races and summer regattas. We have had much success in recent years at TwRC of blooding our novices with maiden regatta wins and our aim to help all new novices towards winning their first trophy. Selection for race crews is based on a mixture of performance on the water and on indoor rowing machines. 

On completion of their novice year, TwRC rowers can expect to look back on a fun and rewarding 12 months as a fully fledged 'rower', having mastered solid technique, greatly improved their fitness and hopefully have won their races. 

Coaching Team:

  • Oliver Cobb
  • Paul McCarter
  • Antony Cox