What is an 'Outing'?

An outing is simply the act of taking a boat out on the water. Outings usually have specific training objectives that will be articulated to you by your coach before hand. These objectives could focus on the ‘technical’, ‘endurance’ or ‘power’ aspects of your rowing.

At Twickenham we are lucky to be located on one of the finest stretches of water in the country. Just over 5km of uninterrupted scenic river that allows us first class training.

A typical outing would involve taking your boat ‘lock to lock’, that is rowing upstream to Teddington Lock, spinning your boat, travelling down stream to Richmond Lock before spinning again and returning to Eel Pie Island. Approximately 10km. Most outings last about an hour during which you will receive on the water instruction and a debrief in the clubhouse afterwards.

It is essential that you turn up on time for any planned outing, that is at least 20 mins before your 'on the water time' in order to allow time for retrieving blades, setting up your boat, filling water bottles and receiving any instructions from your coach. It is considered very poor form to turn up late without a good excuse.