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Being a member of the Twickenham Rowing Club comes with many benefits, but it also comes with a responsibility and trust that you agree to and follow our code of conduct and ethics.


Our culture, our reputation and our rowing ethos is made up of how each and every one of us acts, talks and behaves - every day. We are all responsible to each other, our partners, the rowing and wider communities that we are a part of.


This is our Code of Conduct and Ethics; it is based on our ethos, culture and our values. Our values have been nominated and voted for by the committee in March 2022. They are easy to remember as they spell out TwRC:


Teamwork - as members we are better together and committed to the sport of rowing, our larger TwRC team, our squad teams and our crew teams.


Welcoming - we each take responsibility for making our club a welcoming, inclusive and kind culture, respecting and celebrating our differences, united by our shared passion for rowing and community.


Respect - we trust and respect the club rules, values and culture, and each other. We support and champion each other with sportsmanship, fairness and integrity, across our staff, crews, squads, club and wider community.


Community - we are a community of people first, a club of rowers second. This means we put the needs of the community ahead of the needs of us as individuals.


Mostly, this Code of Conduct & Ethics describes our three main guideposts and how we look to keep our individual and collective conduct and ethics on track:


1. Be consistently decent: Always act with honesty, integrity, and reliability. Keep moral and ethical compasses consistently set high.

2. Be good, safe people to row with: Create a psychologically safe environment where people feel welcomed. Treat people with dignity and respect, regardless of who they are and where they come from.

3. Be fair and transparent: Bring balance between our club and personal wants and needs. Always speak up. Never cheat.


If you believe someone isn’t behaving in line with the club values and ethics, then please raise it with one of the committee members.


You can also reach out confidentially to the following members who are Mental Health First Aiders - Sarah Mayo, Connor Kirkpatrick and Nicole Neumann or Rhiannon Doyle - our Welfare Officer.


We welcome feedback from any member of the club at any point regarding this Code of Conduct + Ethics.



Updated May 2022


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