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Twickenham Rowing Club have been teaching newcomers to the sport how to row for over 160 years. Past graduates of our learn to row programmes have progressed to compete at the highest levels of the sport, representing the club both at Henley Royal Regatta and internationally for Great Britain.

This page covers adult learn to row.  For information on juniors learn to row click here.


What can you expect from this course?


As well as satisfying your individual ambitions the purpose of the learn to row course is to provide the wider club with a steady flow of athletes to populate our various competitive and recreational squads.

The course is comprised of eight sessions over a period of  four weeks and will be a mix of land based training and on the water tuition. Each course will consist of a maximum of twelve people and will be led by a qualified coach who will be supported by experienced club rowers.

Participants will be presented with a certificate at the end of the course if they have demonstrated sufficient progress and they have attended at least eight out of the ten sessions. The Club is close to capacity in terms of rowers, therefore participants will not necessarily be offered membership at the end of the course. If participants demonstrate certain attributes such as good technique, positive attitude and good level of fitness the coaches will discuss options with those individuals about joining the Club. The course certificate will outline to other clubs that the participant has an understanding of the fundamentals of rowing.

Dates of 2024 courses:

We are pleased to offer the following courses in 2024:

  • Course 1: Starting on Thursday 4th April and ending Sunday 5th May

  • Course 1A: Starting on Monday 8th April and ending on Saturday 11th May

  • Course 2: Starting on Thursday 9th May and ending on Sunday 16th June
    (with a break on 25th and 26th May for Twickenham Regatta)

  • Course 2A: Starting on Tuesday 28th May and ending on Saturday 29 June

  • Course 3: Starting on Thursday 20th June and ending on Sunday 28th July
    (with a break during 2nd to 7th July for Henley Royal Regatta)

  • Course 4: Starting on Thursday 1st August and ending on Sunday 1st September

The Monday and Thursday sessions are from 6.30 PM to 8.00 PM while the Saturday and Sunday sessions are 11.00 AM to12.30 PM.

The courses each comprise ten sessions and will cost £350 per person.

After the course you will be able to:​

  • Identify the type of boats and equipment that you will be using.

  • Be familiar basic coxing commands

  • Demonstrate correct basic rowing technique.

  • Know how to set up and safely use an ‘Ergo’

  • Safely get a boat on and off water

  • Perform skill exercises

  • Do basic manoeuvres (backing down / full circle) and stopping in a controlled manner

  • Understand boat care and maintenance

  • Anticipate risks and hazards and demonstrate safety on the water

You will also benefit from:​

  • Improved fitness

  • Improved social life

  • The ability to bore your non rowing friends with your amazing new found hobby.


After completing a TwRC Learn to Row course, you will have been introduced to sculling - with two oars per rower.  This course is an introduction to sweep rowing - one oar per rower - which is the standard format for eights.  We hold this course indoors in a rowing tank located at Molesey Boat club.  This provides a safe environment for rowers to acquire sweep rowing technique without having to worry about balancing an unstable boat or dealing with the elements. 

The course comprises 5 sessions of 60 minutes each on the following dates:


  •  Course 1: Tuesday 9 January 2024 from 7.30PM and at the same times on the four subsequent Tuesday evenings

  • Course 2: Thursday 11 January 2024 from 7.30PM and at the same times on the four subsequent Thursday evenings

The fee for this course is £200.  Please register at the earliest opportunity by emailing

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