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New Shoe System Roll Out

Twickenham Rowing Club will be installing BAT logic shoe plates into some boats. This will allow you to bring your own shoes for use in boats.

To row in these boats, squad members will be required to provide their own pairs of shoes. This document describes the plan for migrating to the new shoe plates, plus some commonly asked questions from members.



  • Why are we doing this?

    • Better experience for rowers - Better fitting shoes allows for better boat feel. No longer will you have shoes that are toe-curling small or clown shoe big.

    • Hygiene – Sharing damp shoes between rowers is not pleasant, not hygienic. Individual shoes for rowers is much more pleasant.

    • Costs - over the years the club has spent considerable sums replacing boat shoes. Typical life span of a 'club shoe' that is in constant use is in the region of 24-36 months. Replacing all the shoes in an eight costs several hundred pounds a time, money that can be spent on other club equipment. Unsurprisingly privately owned shoes are looked after better and last much longer.

  • Where can I find out more about the BAT Logic system?

  • Which members will need to purchase all their own shoes? 

    • Based on feedback from the squads, the current intention is that all rowers in adult squads at the club will require their own shoes and bat top plate.

    •  Originally the club intended to roll out to the racing squads, but we had strong feedback and desire from the club squads as well, so have decided to expand out to all adult boats.

  • Will I need to purchase my own top plate?

    • Yes, you will need a top plate to attach to your shoes, you can purchase it from the club as we have got a group discount.

    • This will be approximately £35 (awaiting import duty to get final cost)

    • We will arrange that to be set up through love admin, final cost will be communicated later this week but in the region of £35, for anyone that does have concerns about cost/ finance, please talk to the captains so that we can help everyone in facilitating this move in an affordable manner.

  • Which boats will get the new QuickRelease plates?

    • All of the clubs fleet, with the exception of the singles and doubles stored outside, and the junior squad boats.  If the overall feeling is good, we will then consider expanding out to cover these boats as well next year.

  • When will the base plates be installed into boats? 

    •  Fitting the system is not complicated, but will take a bit of time to do, as such the draw off period is the ideal time to do it. 

    • The plates will begin to be installed in boats from Saturday 26th. Squads will be given notice before their boats are modified.

  • Who will install the base plates into boats?

    •  A mixture of the squad members, and the clubs boatman (Adam) who will oversee the process

  • When will members need to provide their own shoes?

    • Members will need to provide their own shoe installed with BAT Logic ShoePlate top.

    • The club will selling BAT Logic ShoePlate tops for to members - the club has bought in bulk the bat logic plates in direct from the manufacturer and will sell them on to the members, this is the method that will enable us to bring the system in at the lowest possible cost for everyone

  • Where should members store shoes? 

    • This is an ongoing and developing question, the initial response is that those with their own lockers will obviously use those, those without will initially need to keep them in their kit bags much as they would their trainers for going to the gym.  Other options may develop over time allowing all shoes to be store at the club, including the purchase of additional lockers as a potential option.

  • When can members buy used shoes from the club? 

    • Once we have got the relevant stock in place of the quick release system we will be able to arrange this.  In the immediate term, we need to gather a list of anyone that specifically wants to buy used stock shoes from the club, the priority on availability will go to those where the financial burden would have the greatest impact.

    • Where do they pay money to? (TBC- we will be in touch with people selecting this option).

  • Where else can members purchase rowing shoes?

    • The club will make a bulk order of shoes from Janousek and Against. Members can also purchase shoes second hand on RowingAdverts occasionally when they come up, Rowing FB group, or directly from manufacturers such as Against Rowing, Bont, Unicorn, Janousek, Filippi and Empacher.

  • What if I cannot afford to purchase shoes?

    • Please speak to Adam or the Captains in confidence - the club will be endeavouring to enable everyone in the club to work with this system, and as always we will help our members to achieve this.

    • Club shoes will be sold at a reasonable price.

  • Will we put BAT logic shoe plates in all boats? 

    • Answered above:

“Based on feedback from the squads, the current intention is that all rowers in adult squads at the club will require their own shoes and bat top plate.

 Originally the club intended to roll out to the racing squads, but we had strong feedback and desire from the club squads as well, so have decided to expand out to all adult boats.”


  • How long does it take to swap a pair of shoes?

    • Installing and removing shoes is quick. Example video.

  • What will guests, new members and learn to row students do? 

    • When we remove the existing shoes from the clubs fleet, as mentioned we will sell off some to members as reduced rates in order to give people access and not price people out of it, we will also hold back some of this stock, this will be used as stock itself for the boats that don’t have the system in, but we will also hold some mounted on plates that will be available for guest rowers, learn to row etc

  • What about heel ties?

    •  As part of the quick release system there is a specific heel tie system with a carabiner clip on.  This will also be fitted to each boat allow quick and easy application of the heel restraint. The clip is type approved for this purpose by the world governing body of rowing and is specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Do other clubs do this?

  • Will my existing shoes work with the BAT Logic system?

    • Yes, most likely your existing shoes (Empacher, Janousek) will fit.

  • Can I see some example shoes and sizes to try on at the club?

We only have limited sizes in our fleet already (size 8 for women and 12 for men).

Please read the manufacturers suggestion for sizing and measure your feet if in doubt. You can return shoes if the fit isn’t right but please make best efforts to select a suitable size.

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