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Rowing in the Dark

Rowing in the dark is defined as any outing that takes place before sunrise or after sunset.


• Outings must be with the knowledge and express permission of the captain.

• A thorough risk assessment must be carried out before each outing, paying particular attention to
the weather and stream conditions.

• Casual, ‘scratch’ and novice outings will not be approved; rowing in the dark is only permissible for
training crews of intermediate level and above.

• Boats must comply with the PLA rules of a static white light at the stern and a flashing white light on the bow. Both light together should provide 360°visibilty.

• All oarspeople should wear light coloured or reflective clothing to improve visibility.

• Cox’s and steers people must be familiar with the Teddington to Richmond stretch.

• All outings must be accompanied by a launch (see exceptions below).

• Outings should not proceed above Teddington Lock or below Richmond Lock



Outings unaccompanied by a launch are subject the following guidelines, in addition to those set out above.

• Only senior, experienced crews may row in the dark without a launch in attendance.

• Having assessed conditions, all members of the crew must be comfortable with the proposition of
rowing in the dark without a launch and should not be coerced into an outing against their better

• If there is more than one crew out then they should not consider racing against each other without
a launch in attendance to provide additional lookout.


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