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Being in a Competitive Squad

Different squads within the club carry different levels of commitment from both a coaching and athlete point of view.

To be in a competitive squad is a two way commitment, from both you the athlete, and the club, in this case represented by the coaching team. While the coach will provide squad training plans, season objectives and individual feedback to help you improve, and by extension the crew, you in turn are committing yourself to regular attendance and the completion of the training plans provided.

Signing up to a competitive squad is not an idle undertaking. You are committing to a regular training regime, both on and off the water. You are committing to being part of something bigger then yourself. Bar injury, illness or extenuating circumstances you are expected to turn up on time, with the correct attitude, and work hard. In return you will receive  regular coaching both collectively as a crew and as an individual. You will have your potential unlocked, technical skills will be improved upon and your fitness refined. You will be representing the club competing in head races and regattas throughout the season.

This may sound daunting at first but competitive racing is hugely rewarding and you will be making life long friends in the process.

What makes a crew successful

Like most other team sports rowing requires an often diverse group of people with varying strengths and weaknesses to work together to accomplish much more than they could have individually.

Successful squads have a clear understanding of what their goals and objectives are for the season and are willing to pull together to achieve them. Successful squads encourage and support each other, treat one another with respect and are willing to put aside any personal differences for the greater good.

Competition must co-exist with cooperation. It requires competitiveness on an individual level and on a crew level as well as the ability to be a team player. Each person in the boat competes for a seat in the boat. Each seat has a specific and important role in that boat.

All seats must come together and work as one highly united boat or team. Success will only come to a boat when everyone is working together for the good of their boat. There are no individual stars in crew rowing.

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