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Callum Battles to 4th Place in World Cup Final

Twickenham's Callum Dixon fought his way to an impressive 4th place at the M1x World Cup finals in Belgrade, Serbia. Germany’s Oliver Zeidler had an impressive start and took an early lead over Melvin Twellaar of the Netherlands. Zeidler soon established clear water with a real fight ensuing for the silver and bronze medals. In the middle of the race, Great Britain’s Graeme Thomas increased his boat speed to move into third place. As the race passed the halfway marker, Zeidler had a strong lead, but it was still all to play for behind him. Twellaar eventually established a comfortable second position and even started to put some pressure on Zeidler. Meanwhile, whilst Thomas maintained bronze medal position, Callum Dixon certainly kept him under pressure and crossed the line just under a second behind to claim a well deserved 4th place.

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