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Callum Selected for 2021 U23 World Rowing Championships

Bitter sweet news story alert!

Having started rowing in September 2019, Callum Dixon hasn’t exactly had a standard first couple of seasons in the sport.

Callum has made a massive impact on the Islanders (Twickenham World Class Start Centre). He has trained hard and smart. He has done the basics well and influenced others to strive for more.

I am proud to say that Callum was selected to row at the U23 World Championships on the men's sculling team.

Though due to circumstances out of his control, Callum won’t be racing in Racice, Czech Republic. Unfortunately, this is a case for a number of talented rowers selected for the U23s this year (including Nathan -pictured).

All I can say is this is not the last you will see of Callum and other non racers. Watch out world, they will come back fighting!

Helen Brown

Full British Rowing article here

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