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Twickenhams Aoife Luscombe Embarks on 2000 Mile Row Around Britain

Twickenhms Aoife Luscombe embarked on daunting 2000 mile rowing challenge around the entire coast of Great Britain this weekend where she will seek to beat the current Guinness World Record for the fastest female team.

Forming part of six member crew, Aoife will be competing in the GB Row Challenge, a sporting event with a strong environmental emphasis as the rowers will be collaborating with scientists from the University of Portsmouth to collect date on microplastics, temperature, noise pollution and biodiversity.

The Challenge is considered the world’s toughest rowing race as teams have to row continuously and unassisted while navigating complex tidal streams, shipping lanes and volatile weather.

The current record, which was set last year by Team Ithaca who spent 44 days, 20 hours, 19 minutes and 34 seconds circumnavigating Great Britain.

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