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Twickenham Regatta

25 May 2019

Twickenham Regatta was founded as the Richmond and Twickenham Amateur Regatta in 1923. There had been ‘Twickenham’ regattas going back to the founding of Twickenham Rowing Club in 1860 but these were in the nature of invitation events.

In 1952 Richmond Regatta was founded to run a Coronation event and thereafter, Twickenham and Richmond regattas ran as separate events.

In its history, the course at Twickenham Regatta has varied. For many years, it was an upstream course finishing at where the old Hotel was on Eel Pie Island. After that, the course would be upstream to Orleans Gardens. With the advent of Boat Trailers, it was essential to have adequate parking for them and the course was switched to upstream from Glovers Island to Ham House with boat parking on the Surrey station. After just a few years the course was switched to downstream with the enclosure at Buccleuch Gardens. Today the course is 1,000 metres.

Twickenham Regatta expects normally in excess of 100 races, and is supported both by local clubs and many further afield.

Racing is from stakeboats with pursuit umpire launches.

Twickenham Regatta is a friendly event and we pride ourselves on flexibility. The course is on a very picturesque part of the Thames (the view from Richmond Hill looking up the course is one of the very few views in the UK which is protected by an Act of Parliament)

We hope to welcome you to the 2019 Regatta

This year, for the first time, we will be running the Regatta in two Divisions. This will make it much easier for competitors wishing to enter more than one event.

News Update

We’re pleased to have added some Adaptive events to the regatta. We’re offering Adaptive AR2 and 3 PD Supported events for men, women and mixed doubles. Entries are for one Adaptive and one able-bodied athlete.

We’ve also added Senior Mixed Eights.

Interest has also been expressed in: WJ152x-,AJ162x-, WJ181x, J152x- and J161x. So we’ve added that to BROE2



Entries and Payments via BROE2

Details of this year’s Regatta are here.

Regatta Documents are below:

Contact us:

email: regatta@twickenhamrc.co.uk

phone: 07444587459