Monday, 20 October 2014

Live Music from Dean Owens

Dean Owens Unplugged

Did you know: “In the early 1960s, Richmond and Twickenham became the focal point of English R & B and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Two key venues were the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond, and the Eel Pie Hotel Club, located on a small island in the River Thames in Twickenham. The club ‘Eelpiland’ was part of a music revolution that was to change popular music for ever and helped to define an entire era of music history. Its legacy continues to be a major influence on today’s UK music scene.” (Source:

Last Friday saw the second of a recent series of live music events at Twickenham Rowing Club headlined by Dean Owens, (apparently) one of Scotland’s most engaging and haunting singer-songwriters. As more of a erg critic than music critic I won’t critically review his set, or that of the warm up act, other than to say the 90 (?) or so people at the club seemed to enjoy it and so did I.

We look forward to the next live music instalment……

Thursday, 9 October 2014

TwRC Wins Two Categories at the Pair Heads

Picture Courteously of British Rowing
It was a measurable day on Saturday Oct 4th 2014 where heavy rains loomed throughout the Putney sky. It was also the day where 475 crews competed in the Pairs Head for a successive second year. The race was over the 4,500m tideway course from Chiswick to Harrods Wall. According to British Rowing the race had 47 categories with some results being so close that organisers reviewed video overnight before confirming the final outcome.
WELL DONE!! to our crew who were not deterred by the weather and if anything it gave them the motivation to thrive and win two categories- IM3.LWT.2X (Composite TWK &AKN) and Mas C.2-. To see the results click here

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Charlie Shore Children’s Regatta 2014

Sunday 14th September saw the fourth CS regatta following its resurrection by REIC and TwRC.

Teams of nine children from the local rowing schools competed – in a series of 24 races designed to give everyone three races in a variety of the club’s Explore Rowing boats.

Points were awarded (3 for a win, 2 each for a dead heat (we had one) and a bonus point to a losing crew with an overlap).

After a day of some exciting and close racing, everything rested on a single sculling race in the last round.  Team Beanz won overall with a points total of 26 just ahead of Team D. 

“Beanz” was - Spike, Olivia,  Ben,  Aliyah,  Adam,  Hanna,  Molly, Emily and Meddi all between 14 and 15 years of age.

Well done everyone who took part, and a huge thanks to the volunteers who kept everything running smoothly.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Learn To Row Sessions Starts September 24th

Course 1
  • Chief Instructor: Paul Lorenzato (British Rowing)
  • When is it? This is an off-peak Learn to Row course on Wednesday’s between14.00-16.00. 
  • Who is the Course for? Our courses are unique and are suited to those wanting to fit in some physical activity during the day and are interested to see if rowing is a sport for them.  
  • How long is the Course? The course is scheduled to last about 8 weeks, but can be subject to change if we cannot get on the water due to river/weather conditions. In addition to the water time with Paul, we will have some rowing machines reserved for coaching on Tuesdays, between 19.00 -20.00 (together with Course 2)
  • What is the cost? £ 135 PP
 Course 2
  • Chief Instructor: Paul McCarter (Twickenham Rowing Club)
  • Land Training: Phil Banerjee; Eva-Lucia Llewellyn
  • How long is the Course? This course will run over 8 weeks and consist of 2 sessions per week.
  1. Session 1 will take place on Saturday 10.00 - 12.00 on the water and
  2. Session 2 will take place Tuesdays 19.00 - 20.00 on the rowing machines.
  • What is the cost? £ 145 PP

Anyone taking part in either course will, on completion, be able to feed into one of the off-peak rowing, recreational or senior (competition) squads.

Please fill in the attached form. 
For Payment details click here