Monday, 18 August 2014

“Attention…Go” A Report from Peterborough Regatta

Sunday morning saw sheets of icy rain pound Peterborough with furious abandon. The lake, a froth of waves and spray, saw brave crews battle it out over a 500m course. Two brave men of Twickenham took a stand against the elements and the titanic opposition to brave the novice double event. Their hard won pink racing kit standing out in stark contrast to the grey and turgid waters of the lake. A look of determination and pride was set on their handsome features as they made their way to the stake boats in preparation for the race.

By a quirk of fate they were drawn in lane one, the closest to the bank where reeds bobbed their heads ready to entangle any unwary sculler who happened to come too close. Lane two belonged to Peterborough City , lane 3 Milton Keynes  and on the far side were City of Cambridge, their huge hulking figures clear against the stark horizon. The stage was set. Read More

Sunday, 10 August 2014

TwRC Henley Royal Regatta Results


Henley Royal Regatta is undoubtedly the best known regatta in the world and is both one of the highlights of the summer sporting calendar and the social season. It attracts thousands of visitors over a 5 day period and spectators will be thrilled by over 200 races of an international standard, including Olympians and crews new to the event. Aside from the rowing, visitors can take in the ambience enjoying the facilities within the Enclosures.
  • This year Twickenham Rowing Club had Had one VIII entered into the Thames Challenge Cup, featuring 8 of our best oarsmen. These athletes are a mix of people that have experienced rowing backgrounds, as well as people that early learnt to over the last 18 months or so.
  • The VIII was successful in the first round, beating Marlow RC and securing a place for Thursday in the 2nd round.
  • The VIII was beaten by Frankfurter RG which which went on to win the event on Sunday. This crew came 2nd at the German National Championships and included several junior international medalists.
Henley Women's Regatta:
  • Two entrants in a women's open double scull - Marie Grant & Anna and a lightweight single sculler (Sarah Field) contested the event from TwRC with good showings in the racing they had been doing up until now.
  • The double were victorious in the first round with a win over Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC. The crew were beaten in the next round by strong opposition but the future bodes well for these young athletes.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

GET IN THE BOAT: Twickenham Rowing Club is recruiting Senior/ Novice Squad Members for the 2014/2015 season

  • Do have at least one year rowing experience?
  • Are You moving to or working in the Twickenham/Richmond or SW London area?
  • Are you a graduate or gap year student?
  • Are you looking to carry on your competitive rowing?

  • Structured squad system with dedicated coaches
  • Multi-lane regatta success in 2014
  • Strong performances at Henley Royal/Henley Womens
  • Over 60 boats including high performance Fillipis
  • Welcoming and friendly atmosphere 

For more information email us at

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

TwRC Wins Two Races at Weybridge Ladies Regatta

June 8th saw a great day for Twickenham Rowing club with two wins. The first being WJ16 2X with Jess Nicholls-Mindlin and Niamh Hyland  winning gold, while the second was the Women’s IM3 coxed four with Debs Smith, Rachel Vodden, Farrah Malik (Cox), Laura Nicholls and Jess Hill. The medals and cups were presented to the crews by Sir Matthew Pincent. To read more about the race click here 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Another successful year at British Rowing Masters Championships for Twickenham Rowing Club

         2014 - National Masters Championships - P1000585

On Sunday the 18th May the TwRC Masters followed the senior squads to Nottingham to participate in the annual British Rowing Masters Championships.  There were record numbers of entries and though this is a competitive event there was the usual lively atmosphere of friendly rivalry and support between clubs.  Sunday was a beautiful day but despite the sun shining there were challenging gusty winds with crews finding themselves either racing into a head-wind or blown off-course.  The boats were being blown sideways from the stake boats so the umpires put a shortened start protocol into operation and a very abrupt 'attention - go' was called as soon as everyone was lined up.  As staying in position for more than a couple of seconds was highly optimistic, many boats were caught by surprise.

This regatta was the squad’s first opportunity to put to the test Kosta’s new winter  training schedule and our personal performance after the difficult winter with training at Littleton Lake instead of our river. The training efforts were reflected in all the crews performance on water and in the overall results with many crews being significantly faster than the nearest competitors. Results and congratulations go to:

7 Gold Medals:
W.E.NOV.1x Cathy Almond
W.D.NOV.1x Anne Jones
W.A.NOV.1x Sarah Field
W.C.NOV.2x (Anne Jones  & Emma Fadlon)
W.A.NOV.2x (Sarah  & Jacqueline Rudenko)
Mx.D.2x (Frank & Debbie Dorling)        
W.C&D.NOV.4x (Anne Jones, Janette Bradnick, Cathy, Emma Fadlon (stroke))

3 Silver Medals:
H.1x Robert Bailey 
C.2x (Kosta Kolimechkov & Frank Raschke)
Mx.E.4x (Doug Davidson, Simon Delph, Cathy Almond, Debbie Dorling)

2 Bronze Medals:
W.A.NOV.1x Jacqueline Rudenko
Mx.C.2x (Kosta Kolimechkov & Debbie Dorling)

Special thanks to James Sirmon for towing the trailer to and from the event (although not racing himself) and to Henry Rogers for photographs and video.  Henry also competed here having been encouraged back into the competitive scene by Kosta after a number of years; he posted two very respectable race times competing as I.1x and H.4x.

Photos and Results (at the time of writing are  provisional and with errors and some name transpositions) are available from:

More photographs can be found here: