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Success for Masters Women at National Masters

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Last weekend the woman’s masters had great success at the British Masters National Championship in Nottingham. They brought home 3 gold medals

Starting with the Pair 2- category D-F Abi and Rebecca, picking up the first win of the weekend

Followed by Nick Ansel for her single in category D-F 1x winning very comfortably and the 4x with Ali, Kathy, Jannine and Nat L in their category A-C 4x tier 2. It was a tough race however they were leading from the start.

Fighting their way through very stormy conditions we had good placements in the other categories and devisions. Abi, Rebecca, Nat B and Nic A in the 4x had a rocky start but raced a solid race and finished second. So did Rosie and Nat B in the 2- category A-C non championship event.

Rosie had a good finish in her 1x in 2nd place, with Rachel finishing strong, shortly after.

Hen, Jade, Rosie and Tori had tough competition in tier 2 category A-C, a very fast heat. They held their own and finished with a really good time they can be proud of

Jade had a really solid race in her single but sadly her double with Hen had to be cancelled due to technical difficulties while they were sitting at the start ready to go.

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